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Feb 14, 2018

In Enneagram-speak, Enneagram Twos are called The Helpers.  They are some of the most loving, kind, supportive, upbeat, and—when healthy—genuinely helpful to other people.  Their underlying motivation is to feel loved and needed. But sometimes that need to be needed can lead to burn out.

But, why listen to me talk about The Helper when you can hear it from those who actually live it?  In this week’s episode of Typology, I brought together a panel of Twos to describe what it’s like in the mind of The Helper.  So, tune in and listen as the loud-laughing, contentedly uncool mom of three teenagers, Tia Coffey,  Vanderbilt University fundraising specialist and stand-up comic, Geoff Little, and singer-songwriter-author, Andrew Greer join me to talk about finding the balance between giving enough and giving to the point of burn out.

Tia Coffey spends her workdays as an executive assistant, her evenings as a student, and her free time drinking wine, hiking, having theological conversations with friends, or hanging with her kids and an anxious chihuahua named Napoleon. 

Geoff Little works by day as a fundraising specialist at Vanderbilt University, but after hours he spirals into a whirl of outgoing pursuits. He loves spoken word live performances, including stand-up comedy. He is former co-host of TenX9 Nashville, a critically acclaimed storytelling group.  He founded (and still leads) Nashville's  Beer & Hymns public singing group phenomenon, which sells out Nashville rock club Mercy Lounge on occasion (don't miss this year's St. Patrick's Day Pub Sing!).  He is married to his lovely wife, Tara, and on a good day, she lets him jog with her in the nearby Warner Parks, graciously slowing down her pace.  

Andrew Greer is a multiple Dove Award-nominated singer-songwriter and respected author, known for his old soul sound and thoughtful prose. The native Texan-turned-Tennessean’s folk-gospel discography displays a deep affection for vintage spiritual songs, instinctively captured on his critically acclaimed Angel Band hymn series—reaching the Top 10 on Amazon and iTunes’ mainstream charts upon release.

With a love for facilitating conversations that dig deep, Andrew co-created and co-hosts the video podcast, Dinner Conversations with Mark Lowry and Andrew Greer: Turning the Light on One Question at a Time. The conversations-centered series debuted at #1 on iTunes Religion & Spirituality chart last year, and is now syndicated on television nationwide. 

Andrew has also authored two books— Transcending Mysteries: Who is God, and What Does He Want From Us? (Thomas Nelson) co-authored with Ginny Owens, and Winds of Heaven, Stuff of Earth: Spiritual Conversations Inspired by the Life and Lyrics of Rich Mullins (Worthy Publishing).