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Mar 1, 2018

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go on tour with a band?  It sounds exciting, right? You’d hop on a tour bus, travel coast to coast seeing the world, and entertain thousands of people every night.   

But, what is it truly like to live on a bus with 11 other people day-in and day-out?  Well, when the road manager of Tenth Avenue North reached out to talk about how the Enneagram, and The Road Back to You in particular, has helped their band get along in tight quarters, I was excited to get them in the studio.

There are 12 of them…with 12 bunks…on one tour bus.  We weren’t sure what would happen as we squeezed into Anthony’s studio, but it was great! 

Listen as we uncover how the Enneagram has given Tenth Avenue North a new starting place for communicating and facing conflict.

For more about Tenth Avenue North or to catch them on tour, visit their website at

And don't miss them in Nashville on March 4th!