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May 24, 2018

Sevens are the joy bombs of the Enneagram.  The energy they give off is energetic, fun-loving and naturally cheerful. They are optimistic by nature and seize every moment of life. They live for the next adventure and are experts at reframing a negative situation to find the silver lining. 

But all their “living for tomorrow” is really to avoid pain and introspection.  Sevens may have an underlying feeling that if they allow themselves to feel an emotion they’ll get stuck in that emotion never come out.  They keep their minds busy and occupied with projects and ideas for the future in an unconscious attempt to evade having negative emotional or psychological feelings.  

Listen in as we jump into an energetic conversation with Enneagram Seven, Luke Norsworthy, and find out why it’s important for Sevens to enjoy life with a small spoon.

Luke and his wife Lindsay along with their three daughters live in Austin, TX where Luke is the senior minister of the Westover Hills Church. Luke’s first book God over Good releases October 2018. Luke also hosts the Newsworthy with Norsworthy Podcast,  a weekly podcast discussing Spirituality, Christianity, and anything else that seems news worthy.  You can follow Luke on Twitter: @LukeNorsworthy