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May 31, 2018

Eights are often called the Challengers, but I like to call them the Protectors or Defenders. Every type has a basic fear and desire coloring the waters of their personality.  The basic fear of an Eight is being not in control of their self. The basic desire is to avoid feeling weak or vulnerable.

But Eights can often be misinterpreted. Though they can often appear blunt and aggressive, Eights are truly about justice and looking out for their tribe and making sure others feel like they belong. Eights have lots of energy.  They are high energy, movement people who like to see things get done. The downside of Eights might be that they are low on the vulnerability side of things. They only trust a small amount of people, and though it may take a lot to get in the trust circle, it doesn't take much for you to get out. It's very hard to get on the list, and then you just have to do one thing and you're off the list.

But what does it look like when an Eight has done their work and views life through the healthy lens of an Eight?  Listen in as Patrick Chappell discusses various triggers and how he approaches them from the lens of an Eight.

Patrick is southern born and bred, having been born in Birmingham and raised in Chattanooga. Patrick earned his degree in Oral Communication and Public Relations from Lipscomb University. He then served as an Admissions Recruiter for the University, traveling the country to bring students to Nashville for a Christian education. He is currently the College and Young Adult Minister at Otter Creek Church in Brentwood, TN.

Patrick is passionate about life, spending many hours reading, going to concerts, taking in movies and his favorite TV shows, as well as spending countless hours over coffee with friends. He's also a big fan of the band Weezer.