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Jun 14, 2018

Every single day I receive multiple emails from listeners saying they are stuck and can’t figure out their Enneagram type.  Usually, my first recommendation is to dive into the Subtypes of each number to see if that helps narrow things down. But there is something else to consider…something we have not yet talked about on Typology.  Just as the Enneagram is broken into Triads, it is also broken into Stances--the Dependent Stance, the Withdrawing Stance, and the Aggressive Stance. So, if you’re still conflicted, ask yourself which stance are you? Are you someone who is withdrawing?  Are you someone who is assertive?  Or are you someone who is dependent and more compliant? Because oftentimes when you’re stuck between two or three types they can each feel very different--like they are in conflict with each other.  And when those types don’t fall into the same stance category then knowing your "default stance" can really help iron things out.

On today’s episode of Typology, Ashley Cleveland and I delve into the stances, right-sizing the personality and how surrender and acceptance are the gateways to everything. It’s a great episode you won’t want to miss.

Since her debut on Atlantic Records in 1991, Ashley Cleveland has recorded 9 critically acclaimed albums.  She has won three Grammys for Best Rock Gospel Album (Lesson of Love, 1995; You Are There, 1998; Before the Daylight’s Shot, 2007).  She was the first female to be nominated in that category and the only one to win the award three times.  She has been nominated for six Dove awards and won twice for compilation records (Songs from the Loft: Praise and Worship Album of the year; The Jesus Record: Album of the Year).  She received her fourth Grammy nomination in 2010 for her disc, God Don’t Never Change, a collection of spirituals in the Best Traditional Gospel Album category. Three of her albums have been on Billboard’s year-end best list (Big TownBus Named DesireMen and Angels Say) and she has been nominated twice for a Nashville Music Award (Lesson Of LoveGod Don’t Never Change) winning for Lesson Of Love.  She was named Female Vocalist of the year in 2007 by Christianity and, in addition to her own recordings, has contributed background vocals on over 300 records over the course of her career.   Her 10th album, One More Song, is due for release late in 2017.

Ashley is currently the subject of a new documentary from Big Branch productions expected to release in early 2018.  The working title is: Who’s The Girl?.

Ashley is a writer/essayist and has written a memoir entitled “Little Black Sheep” which was released September 2013 by David C Cook Publishing and she is currently working on two new memoirs.

Ashley is a native of Knoxville, Tennessee, and lives in Franklin, Tennessee with her husband Kenny Greenberg.  She has three adult children, Rebecca, Henry and Lily.

For more about Ashley, visit