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Jul 5, 2018

For the month of July we will be revisiting some of Typology's most downloaded episodes.  This week we revisit Ian's interview with Sarah Thebarge.

Sarah shares how she approaches the world through the lens of an Enneagram Six. With a strong need for security and consistency, Sixes appreciate order, plans and rules and like the comfort and predictability of laws and guidelines.  But their passion is fear, which is often experienced as anxiety.  Anxiety is a vague, free-floating sense of apprehension that arises in response to an unknown or potential threat that may never materialize.  So, how do Sixes achieve spiritual growth?

A lot of Sixes think the answer is bravery, but there’s never enough bravery to fill the bucket of “this is a scary world and I need support.” In today’s episode, Sarah Thebarge shares the difference between bravery and courage and how making that distinction has been helpful for her as an Enneagram Six. 

Sarah Thebarge is a speaker, blogger, journalist and author of The Invisible Girls, a memoir that weaves her story of nearly dying of breast cancer in her 20’s together with the story of a Somali refugee family she met on a train in Portland, Oregon, as she was recovering from her cancer treatments.