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Nov 15, 2018

Eights are motivated by a powerful need to be strong and, when unhealthy, can have a hard time lowering their guard in fear of appearing weak or vulnerable.  Healthy Eights understand that there is strength and power in vulnerability. Yes, it takes courage to risk vulnerability. But if Eights want to love and be loved they will have to risk opening their heart and revealing their innermost feelings to a trusted few.

Today, Ian welcomes young adults pastor, Chris Cruz, into a conversation about letting go of the pressure to be strong, choosing mercy over vengeance, and embracing the awkwardness of being vulnerable.

About Chris Cruz: Chris Cruz is a husband, father, pastor, speaker and blogger. He serves on the leadership teams at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and Tribe Young Adults at Bethel Redding. His role includes preaching, mentoring interns and pastoring students. Chris loves to see the church be a cultural influence for positive change in the world, and he lives to see heaven and earth become one. In his free time, Chris and his wife, Lana, love exploring and experiencing different cultures and cities. Chris is an avid creative, pursuing outlets that vary from graphic design to handmade leather goods. He also has a love for craft coffee and a slight fascination with raw denim. 

Chris Cruz is the Young Adults Pastor at Bethel. He’s a passionate person, all the way from coffee to life with God. Chris loves teaching leaders and churches the way of Jesus and how it’s leads to heaven overlapping with earth. He worked as a Pastor for seven years at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Chris and his wife Lana live in Redding, CA with their son Solomon and daughter Pearl.