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Jan 31, 2019

In order to make sense or find meaning in our lives in early childhood, we develop narratives that sort of explain our life experiences. We often choose specific incidents that we string together into the plot we now live.  But, have you ever stopped to ask yourself if the story you are living is true?

In today’s episode with singer/songwriter Ryan Stevenson, we really tackle the concept of owning your own narrative and challenge whether the interpretations of your own story are in fact true. And if they’re not, the Enneagram can help provide you with some clarity about the story you’re living in right now.

We hope this episode encourages you to reflect on your own story.  To get started, simply ask yourself:

  • Are my interpretations about who I am and the way the world is true?
  • Is my story helping me simply “survive” life rather than to live it fully?

And remember, you have the freedom and the power to change your story.  You can revise your interpretations and see your true story through a new lens.


About Ryan Stevenson  Following a seven-year stint as a paramedic, Pacific Northwest native Ryan Stevenson signed an exclusive agreement with Gotee Records in 2013 after capturing TobyMac’s attention by co-writing the No. 1 and Grammy nominated single “Speak Life," His first recording for the label was the Holding Nothing Back EP in 2013, which garnered the Top 25 single “Holding Nothing Back. This was followed by 2015’s full-length album Fresh Start, which featured the No. 1 radio single “Eye of the Storm”. With three No. 1 singles (two as an artist and one as a co-writer), a GRAMMY® nomination, Billboard Music Award nomination, a Dove Award (2017), ASCAP honors and major tour bills with the likes of TobyMac, MercyMe, Newsboys and Matt Maher, among others, Ryan has already distinguished himself as a rare talent whose unique perspective guides his honest lyrics and sonic sensibilities.