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May 17, 2018

The last time I spoke with Jen Hatmaker on her “For of Love” podcast, we talked about how she identifies as a Three. As our conversation continued I began to think, “Man, you’ve got a lot of features of an Eight. I wonder if you should check out this other type.”  

Threes and Eights are both assertive, ambitious, and competitive. But the difference is that an average eight wants to get their way pretty fast because they just don't want to waste time. They're not afraid to get into an argument, but they're like, "Whatever, I just want to get the power and the control in the room here a little bit or in life." They'll compete for dominance, but it's less about social or status issues, it's more about power. For Threes, it's much more about status and appearances.  Threes are less interested in having the power rather they are more interested in being admired by others.  

In today’s episode, we discuss the similarities and differences of Threes and Eights and how that manifests under the umbrella of fighting for justice and grace.  Listen as we talk about Jen’s need to stand up for various social issues, her ability to embrace confrontation for what is just, and the emotional response to doing just that.