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Dec 7, 2017

A lot of listeners have reached out asking “how do I figure out my type?” And though I would love to give the answer, the truth is it can be very difficult to figure out one’s Enneagram number. You are the only one who can truly determine your own Enneagram number because only you can identify the underlying motivation that drives the way you view the world. The real determining factor is not what you do, but rather why you do it. And, frankly, sometimes that can take a lot of internal work. In fact, I can’t tell you how many people have told me they thought they were one number, but after really doing their work, figured out they had misidentified themselves. With so many variables it’s easy to do.
So, I often tell people that the best way to learn the Enneagram or to figure out your number is through the narrative. Read about the Enneagram, attend an Enneagram conference, and listen to others share their stories. It's truly the best way to distinguish between the nuances of each type.
And this week on Typology, our guest Claire Diaz-Ortiz shares her story.  Listen as Claire tells us about her life as it relates to the Enneagram. For years she's been seeing her life through the lens of an Enneagram One. But, is she truly an Enneagram One? Stay tuned through the end of the show as we leave her with some food for thought.
Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@claire) is an author, speaker and Silicon Valley innovator who was an early employee at Twitter. Named one of the100 Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company, she holds an MBA and other degrees from Stanford and Oxford and has been featured widely in print and broadcast media. She writes a popular business blog at and is the award-winning author of eight books that have been published in more than a dozen countries.