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Apr 11, 2019

Often when we approach the Enneagram we tend to think that everybody can fit neatly into one category. But the Enneagram is more like a color wheel than it is a set of boxes around a circle. There are shades as you go around the spectrum.  Each of us is different than the people around us.  So, the more we come to know ourselves, to accept our own uniqueness and brokenness, the more we can begin to understand others. 

In fact, each Enneagram type can actually help balance each other. And when we learn to speak into each other’s lives with a scalpel rather than a dagger, with the posture of gentleness, we can even correct each other’s excesses in a way that’s whole-making.

In today’s episode, senior pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Scott Sauls, discusses the role the Enneagram has played through his seasons of anxiety and depression, and how others have helped keep him in balance.