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May 3, 2018

Enneagram Eights are called The Challenger for a good reason. Eights don’t like to feel controlled and avoid any appearance of vulnerability.  They are naturally confrontational and their combative energy can feel intimidating to others.  But what feels like intimidation to others actually feels like connection to an Eight. Eights express their anger freely, are fueled by high levels of stimulation, and react very strongly against challenging injustices.  And, as you’ll hear from our guest, David Gungor, the “circle of trust” is small but tight. So what does it sound like when an Eight acknowledges their weakness or vulnerability? What does it look like when you break through that tough exterior?

Listen as David Gungor shares his struggle in determining his type, how he embraces his “chaotic intentionality,” and what it means to need others to “get out of his face.”

David Gungor is a member of The Brilliance, the American worship music duo of David Gungor and John Arndt. The band started making music in 2010 under the Integrity Music label.  Their new album was “All is Not Lost” released in January 2017. David is also an associate pastor at Trinity Grace Tribeca.

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