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Nov 3, 2022

For years, Irene Rollins lived on auto-pilot. Unaware of just how motivated by shame she was, it took a jolt to wake her up to the fact that she didn’t have to live a life characterized by fear and defensiveness. 

It was an addiction to alcohol, made more severe by the pressures of pastoring a church, that finally woke her up to these bigger problems: “Imagine the weight I was carrying. I still had three kids, the dogs, managing life, and I found myself reintroducing alcohol into my life.” From there, things escalated, says Rollins. “My dependency increased over a six year period of time, and I went into a full blown alcohol addiction.”

In this episode, we explore the nature of addiction and recovery, including the ways in which every one of us struggle with addiction in our own way. 

Irene Rollins is passionate about the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of all people. As a certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, she loves to study human behavior, which enables her to understand a wide variety of people, guiding them to be the best version of themselves through her teaching, writing and coaching. She founded the ministry of TWO = ONE with her husband Jimmy with a mission to help build strong marriages that result in healthy families that impact our communities for the better.

To learn more about Irene Rollins, follow her on Instagram, visit her ministry, TWO = ONE, or check out her new book, Reframe Your Shame: Experience Freedom from What Holds You Back.