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Dec 17, 2020

What is right and what is wrong? What is good? What is not good? We all tend to believe we know, but each one of us would answer these questions differently. Enneagram Ones, in particular, tend to be pretty black and white when it comes to right and wrong. Typically, it’s harder for Ones to see the gray. So, learning to see the fundamental perfection, or goodness, at the core of all things is an important area of growth for Ones.

Today, author Jelani Memory and I explore the nuances of The Improver, the impact family of origin has on personality, and how he’s learned to find good in the gray.

Jelani Memory is a black man of faith, who originally founded Circle Media which is now Co-owned by Disney and launched an amazing publishing company called A Kids Book About.

The mission of “A Kids Book About,” is to help kids and their grownups have honest conversations by making books about challenging, empowering, and important topics told by diverse authors who know that topic first-hand. They cover a range of topics such as racism, white privilege, empathy, anxiety, and addiction. 

He's spent his career creating products for families, changing the way they engage online and with each other.  He lives in Portland OR with his wife and six kids.  He still hopes to become an artist when he grows up.