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Sep 26, 2019

Each Enneagram type approaches feelings from a different angle.  Some types can be really in touch with their feelings, while others seem out of touch with their feelings. On today’s episode, our guests Jon and Tristen Collins join Ian to talk about “Why Emotions Matter.” As an Enneagram 5 and an Enneagram 2, you can imagine this married couple couldn’t be more opposite when it comes to their emotions. Tune in as Jon and Tristen explain how the Enneagram has helped them integrate the Enneagram Five’s tendency to keep their feelings to themselves and the Enneagram Two’s outward capacity for empathy and caring to build a stronger marriage and improve their relationships with others.  

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About Jon and Tristen:

Jon Collins is a writer and creative director for The Bible Project. He has a BA in Biblical Studies from Multnomah University. Jon is affectionately known by the team as the Architect of Ideas. He is a master of making complex ideas simple and has spent the last decade founding and leading digital media and marketing companies.  Jonathan Collins | @jonpdx

Tristen Collins is a professional counselor with a focus on trauma recovery. She has 13 years of professional experience. Tristen teaches classes at Multnomah University in the graduate Counseling Department as adjunct faculty. She earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Bible & Theology from Multnomah University & a Master’s in Counseling from George Fox University. Tristen lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, Jon, and their two young boys.