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Sep 22, 2022

Just three weeks shy of their one-year anniversary, the unthinkable happened. Mattie’s 28-year-old husband died unexpectedly, leaving her with a massive hole in her life. 

But being an Enneagram three becomes a double-edged sword in grief: “This compulsion to perform that I have, in whatever I'm doing, was one of my greatest assets in my grief,” says Jackson, who adds,  “It was also one of the things that I had to be the most careful to keep in check.”

This week, we hear how she pursued personal growth and balance through her grief, and managed to come out on the other side with hope, ambition, and her love for her former husband intact. 

Mattie Jackson Selecman is an author, podcaster, speaker, and co-founder NaSHEville, a women's philanthropic apparel brand serving orphans, widows, and victims of human trafficking.

To learn more about Mattie, follow her on Instagram, check out her new book, Lemons on Friday, or visit her website.