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Dec 10, 2020

This week I continue the conversation with Leeann and Michelle. Blending humor, motherhood, and the Enneagram, Leeann and Michelle show how they approach self-awareness and personal growth with lightheartedness and compassion towards themselves and others. Tune in through the end of the show to hear the advice they each share for processing big emotions.

With backgrounds in commercial acting, television news, and comedy – Leeann and Michelle are a firehouse combination. You recognize them from their viral hits like, “Look What Joanna Made Me Do,” “If You’re My Friend Then You’d Buy This,” and “The Diet.” The success of videos like those fuels their passion to create great comedy in many mediums; parodies, sketch humor and live shows. Leeann & Michelle have attracted 40 million views of their videos, and have received national attention from USA Today, The New York Times, TODAY and Southern Living. Leeann & Michelle routinely appear in local media, sell out their improv shows, and have even earned the adoration of the one and only, Joanna Gaines.

Between shoots, you can find Leeann & Michelle sweating it out in Phoenix, AZ. Leeann is likely cleaning or organizing her home (again), while Michelle is avoiding laundry.

You can watch more of Leeann and Michelle on YouTube

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