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Nov 21, 2019

What do you pay attention to? When each of us walks into a room, the focus of our attention is different.  An Enneagram Two might look for who they can connect with, an Enneagram Four might focus on what’s missing in the room, and an Enneagram One might notice what needs to be fixed. 

But who is that Two not connecting with?  What is in the room that the Four is not appreciating?  And what is right in the room that the One doesn’t need to fix?

Today on Typology, I begin my conversation with John Mark Comer—author, speaker, pastor, and an Enneagram One—about the importance of “paying attention to what is” and how the Enneagram has taught him to stop and ask the right questions in order to grow and mature throughout his own spiritual journey.  

And don't miss next week, when we continue our conversation in Part Two!