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Mar 31, 2022

Trauma impacts not just our mental state, but also our emotional and physical health. So, in a world that teaches us to just “try harder” and keep pretending “we’re fine,” how do we make space to process our stories and truly work through trauma?

Today, therapist Aundi Kolber explains what trauma is, identifies how it operates in the body, and walks us through the importance of aligning our minds and bodies to build resilience and self-compassion.  

She also offers up a few tips for practicing self-compassion in deep and truly meaningful ways that will begin the process of healing.

Aundi Kolber is a Licensed Professional Counselor (MA LPC), writer, and speaker in Castle Rock, Colorado. She specializes in trauma- and body-centered therapies and is passionate about the integration of faith and psychology. As a survivor of trauma, Aundi brings hard-won knowledge around the work of change, the power of redemption, and the beauty of experiencing God with us in our pain.


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