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Sep 19, 2019

If you had to boil it down, Enneagram Sevens have an underlying fear that when it comes to pain and suffering, they will be unsupported. But in order to satisfy their unmet longing for completeness, for solidness, for wholeness, Sevens need to be able to stick with their sadness and discomfort long enough to work through it with others to foster the types of relationships that stand the test of time.

On today’s episode, Founder of Enneagram and Coffee, Sarajane Case, opens up about how the Enneagram has helped her navigate the joys and sorrows of life, release the grip on her high-vibration lifestyle, and enabled her to sit in the truth that she is not a solo traveler on life’s journey.

Sarajane Case is the Founder of 'Enneagram & Coffee' Instagram account & Podcast.  A writer, coach, and speaker based in Asheville, NC, Sarajane works with enneagram to teach self-love as well as to aid entrepreneurs in building a business that is not only profitable but enjoyable!