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Sep 8, 2022

Every creative has a dream project: something they’d love to do if they had infinite time and resources. But what if you got the chance to pull off that dream project, and it didn’t succeed? 

That’s what happened to Steve Taylor, who poured himself into directing Blue Like Jazz, only to see a middling response at the theater. To him, that result felt like humiliation.

This week, we hear about how his experience creating art for a living has changed his approach to success, risk-taking, and his own personal worth. 

Filmmaker/writer/producer/recording artist/entrepreneur Steve Taylor earned his “Renaissance Man” stripes (Prism Magazine) from a body of work that’s garnered him multiple Grammy, Billboard, Telly, Addy, and Dove awards and nominations. As a recording artist, he’s sold over one million albums worldwide, garnered two Grammy nominations for Meltdown (1984) and Squint (1993), and made history as the only artist to twice win Billboard Music Video Awards for self-directed music videos. He also fronted the MCA-signed rock band Chagall Guevara.