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Jan 26, 2023

Two years following his departure from the band, NEEDTOBREATHE, Bo is releasing a candid look at his past with childlike wonder and self-realization under a new name, Coy Roy: 

“I got into therapy and began to dig into my childhood and why the trajectory of my life took a different path. I left my six-year-old self back there, and we went different places. [Now I’m] recognizing that I'm not going anywhere and that I'm gonna have to face this. I'm gonna have to deal with it.” 

This week, we talk to Bo Rinehart about emotional depth, his ability to bare his soul to his listeners, and what it means to take an honest look at his past while diving head first into his future endeavors. 

Bo Rinehart is a founding member of the Grammy Nominated band NEEDTOBREATHE. He is also an accomplished visual artist. 

To learn more about Bo Rinehart follow him on Instagram, check out his artwork at Bo Rinehart Studio and listen to his latest single as Coy Roy, “I'm Right Here.

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