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Dec 28, 2023

With the Enneagram, what we do is not as important as why we do the things we do. This also applies to confidence.  Behavioral economics pioneer, internationally sought-after consultant, and professor of confidence-driven decision-making Peter Atwater explains,  “The ‘why’ to me is all related to our feelings of certainty and control because when I boil down what confidence is it’s knowing what’s coming and feeling like we are prepared for it.”  

Today, we explore what confidence is and how to cultivate confidence….We dig into Peter’s new book and go over his confidence quadrant framework, which includes the stress center, comfort zone, passenger seat, and the launchpad. It’s a tool you can use to not only understand yourself better but to understand those around you better. This is a rich conversation and you’re going to want to grab this book, The Confidence Map: Charting a Path from Chaos to Clarity

To learn more about Peter Atwater, visit his website, check out his TED Talks and pick up a copy of The Confidence Map.