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Dec 14, 2023

How do you discern what God is saying? The Enneagram teaches us that we’re not all the same person. It allows us to be unique and have unique experiences. So, what if the key to hearing Him is understanding the distinct way he speaks to you? 

Today’s guest, pastor and author Havilah Cunnington reminds us we can’t assume that God speaks to us all in the same way. “I think that’s really important in life, to be different, to have a uniqueness, to understand that God doesn’t interact with all of His kids the same way.  Just like I have four boys. I don’t interact with [them] in the same way,” explains Havilah. “Understanding how He speaks to you gives us a starting point. It allows us to at least recognize where we might be so we can actually go deeper and build a better relationship and interaction with Him." 

In this episode, we dive into her intriguing insights from her latest book, discussing the nuances of discerning divine guidance and how to harness one’s unique spiritual personality for a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God. 

We also explore how Havilah’s Enneagram type energizes her approach to spiritual leadership and her passion for helping others recognize and listen to God’s voice in their lives. 

If you’ve ever felt lost because you never felt that you could hear the voice of God in your life, this episode could help you discover His unique way of communicating with you. 



Havilah Cunnington has had a remarkable journey of over twenty years in full-time ministry and as the female pastor at Bethel Church, her experience spans from guiding spiritual growth in individuals to leading a nonprofit, and her podcast, Truth to Table.  She’s the author of the book, “Created to Hear God: 4 Unique and Proven Ways to Confidently Discern His Voice.”