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Aug 23, 2018

Sixes have excellent analytical minds, are great strategists, troubleshooters, problem-solvers, and of course, see worst-case scenarios that other people don't see. The passion of the Six is fear which is often experienced as anxiety…anxiety that the unexpected could happen at any time. Sixes are really good at playing out all the worst-case scenarios in any given situation. But once they launch a mental narrative in their head of all that could go wrong, these fictional stories can take on lives of their own and can grow and crowd out what’s actually happening.  

For growth and transformation, Sixes need to learn to acknowledge their fear and doubt, own their own power and authority instead of projecting it onto others, and make a conscious effort to develop trust in others.

In today's episode, Jeff Chu joins Ian to talk about embracing his fears by identifying those aspects of his personality that are responses to things he's been through in the past.   

Jeff Chu is a Brooklyn-based freelance reporter and writer as well as a seminarian at Princeton Theological Seminary. Most recently, he was on staff at Fast Company for almost eight years. During that time, Jeff edited, wrote, and reported on lots of different things. 

Jeff's reporting and writing have also appeared in a bunch of other places—The New York Times Magazine, Travel+Leisure, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Modern Farmer. When big publishers were still starting magazines and pouring millions of dollars into them, Jeff was an editor on the launch team of the now-defunct Conde Nast Portfolio. And before that, he spent seven years at Time magazine, where he really received his journalistic education. Jeff was a London-based web producer and staff writer.