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Aug 22, 2019

Have you ever thought about what makes a great speech or presentation? Whether you’re speaking to thousands this weekend, you're speaking to the Rotary Club, or you just want to be a better communicator in the workplace, your Enneagram type has a specific communication style that plays a part in your effectiveness or lack of effectiveness.  So how do you tap into those strengths and avoid the pitfalls?

Our guest today, speaking coach Mike Pacchione walks us through the speaking, or the communication styles, of all nine types and how each of those nine types can leverage their gift and shares some of the things to watch out for.

Mike’s also put together his great tips for public speaking by Enneagram type.  Just click below to review the key points for each of the nine types.



About Mike Pacchione

Since 2012, Mike has taught public speaking to nearly 10,000 people across the globe.

(Yes, he gives presentations about presentations. It’s very meta.)

His favorite thing in the world is helping someone with great ideas make those ideas come alive on stage.

(Cue name-dropping)

To that end, he’s helped Olympians such as Scott Hamilton, executives such as Donald Miller, Ryan Delk and Rachel Rodgers, online entrepreneurs such as Pat Flynn and Amy Porterfield, best-selling authors such as James Clear, and let’s not forget our dear friend Ian Cron. Mike also serves as the speaking coach for ConvertKit’s annual Craft + Commerce conference.

While Mike is not at liberty to name the remainder of his clients, suffice it to say that if you have used a computer, credit card or search engine today, you’ve been in contact with one of his past clients.

On a personal note: In 2016, he and his wife began helping a Congolese refugee family transition to life in the United States. It is some of his best and most challenging work. Ever think of how to explain voicemail to someone who’s never used a phone before? Neither had he.

Drop him a line at If you’d like to see pictures of speakers (sometimes), him sometimes), his family (sometimes) and his dog (often), follow @mpacc on Instagram.