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Oct 11, 2018

Sevens have a core belief that in order for them to be secure, loved and valued they have to bring the energy and excitement into every situation.  There’s this expectation and pressure to be on all the time. And though they are generally wired with a great deal of energy, so it does come easily to them, Sevens have a lot more to offer than just their energy and humor.

The struggle for a Seven comes when they get trapped in the role of “entertainer” and distract themselves with exciting situations or experiences in an attempt to avoid having hard conversations, painful feelings, and loneliness.  The path to transformation for a Seven is to learn how to manifest their joy from a place of abundance, rather than emptiness. Once Sevens learn to notice when they feel the need to escape from the events of life, they can teach themselves to pause and just sit in a feeling without feeling stuck.

This week on Typology, Annie F. Downs, discusses how she stopped running from pain and is learning to share more of her true self through her own path to transformation.