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Dec 15, 2022

A special offer for our podcast listeners: sign up for the Typology Institute today to get access to all 3 courses and other monthly perks. Go to and use the code TYPOLOGYPODCAST for 30% savings through the end of 2022 only.

Every month, we record a secret ad-free podcast episode exclusively for Typology Institute Members. This week, we’re giving you special access to a conversation between Ian and Anthony about the nature of anxiety and how it relates to the Enneagram. 

In addition to the Enneagram in the Workplace Course and monthly podcast episodes like this, the Typology Institute Membership includes: 

  • A monthly live Town Hall Q&A session with Ian about a specific topic.
  • A monthly newsletter from Ian that shares thoughts around personal development, Enneagram insights, and spiritual formation.
  • The “Hidden Gems of the Enneagram” video series (more video series coming soon).