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Dec 7, 2023

What does it mean to be a man? It can be an incendiary question in some circles.  But Brian Tome brings his Enneagram Eight energy to the topic as we explore his new book, The Five Marks of a Man: finding your path to courageous manhood

“I didn’t have that definitive moment where I crossed from boyhood to manhood because no one ever declared me a man. No one ever told me that,” explains Brian. “It’s not an age thing. It’s not  what kind of truck or Prius you drive. It’s an attitude and a certain approach to life.” 

We explore his willingness to embrace vulnerability and live purposefully as part of this approach.  It’s a passionate conversation that sparks the question, “How would you characterize your understanding of manhood?”



About Brian Tome

Brian Tome has been leading men for over two decades. Whether it’s on an adventure motorcycle over the Rockies or in a boardroom, he knows the power of challenge, brotherhood, and no-nonsense leadership. Brian is a builder who founded and leads Crossroads Church, one of the largest churches in America with locations in multiple states and a national digital footprint. He’s also written five books; hosts The Aggressive Life podcast; and started Man Camp, a primitive weekend camping experience that’s driven 20,000 men to reclaim the code of manhood. Brian spends his free time hunting, camping, or rehabbing a 1978 Jeep CJ-7. He lives with his wife, Libby, in Cincinnati.

The Five Marks of a Man

The Aggressive Life Podcast


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