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Mar 7, 2018

Every type on the Enneagram has misbeliefs and errant unconscious motivations that get us to do and think and feel things that just are not in our best interests.  We all have these broken messages in our lives that run like recordings in the background. The hurtful words and experiences from our past often determine what record play in our head as an adult.

In her new book, How to Fix a Broken Record, Amena Brown uses music to help us recognize the negative messages that play on repeat throughout our lives.  Think of your soul as one big record collection with a soundtrack for different parts of your life.   What broken record runs through your life?  And how can you use the Enneagram to recognize these negative messages so you can reclaim your life?

Amena Brown is an author, spoken word poet, speaker, and event host. The author of five spoken word albums and two non-fiction books, Amena performs and speaks at events from coffeehouses to arenas with a mix of poetry, humor, and storytelling. She and her husband, DJ Opdiggy, reside in Atlanta, GA.

She hosts a 10-episode limited edition podcast called, “How to Fix a Broken Record,” which unpacks themes from her book with a different guest each episode discussing life, love, faith, and broken records revealing the soundtracks of their lives.

And she hosts her regular podcast “Here for the Donuts” with her sister-in-law Missi Burgess in which they discuss donuts, cupcakes and navigating life’s awkward moments and meeting standards of weird etiquette.

To learn more about Amena visit or order her book at