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Mar 29, 2018

This week we jump back into our conversation with Paul Young to help nail down his type.  Figuring out his type was hard, as it can be for many.  But I think Paul has suffered and worked through so many things in his life, he has reached a point where I think he's maybe one of the most integrated nines I've ever known. Also, because of that, he has a mystical quality.  When they're healthy, nines are so awake there's a mystical quality to them. I think it becomes tough to figure out their type because they're so attuned and plugged in across all these types, but they're awake.  

Paul Young is the author of The Shack (2007), Cross Roads (2012), Eve (2015), and he just released his latest book, Lies we believe about GOD (2017). To learn more about Paul or to check out his books, visit