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Apr 26, 2018

Twos have an amazing way of making other people feel safe and comfortable. They are some of the most caring, supportive and upbeat people I know.  They accept you as you are, aren’t judgmental and create space where people can speak from their hearts and experience. 

Yet, Twos need to be needed but for a Two to admit their own “neediness” is very difficult. They rarely ask for help and don’t know how to receive it when it’s offered.   Instead, they focus their energy on meeting the needs of others. They have to DO things to really feel loved.  Unhealthy Twos don’t know who they are if they aren’t doing things for the people around them.

So, for a Two to grow in self-awareness and gain self-compassion, they need to embrace the truth that we all have needs.  We’re all broken in some way.  And that’s okay.  It just makes us more human. 

In today’s episode, Michele Cushatt joins us to talk about how Twos can stop seeing their wounds as a flaw but rather as portals for deeper connection for others.