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Sep 13, 2018

Every day listeners email asking, “I know my type, now what?” Well, the truth is that simply knowing your Enneagram type doesn’t change anything in and of itself other than to arm you with a little bit of self-knowledge. Understanding where you go in points of stress and where you go in growth helps explain a lot about why each of us has particular struggles.

But to really begin to heal and experience true transformation, we have to be willing to face our shadows because that’s where the distortions of our reality live and multiply.  It’s tough to start doing the work but we’re simply not going to grow unless we’re willing to look in the places that are going to create moments of shame and self-reflection that are uncomfortable.  But that’s one of the many gifts of the Enneagram.  The Enneagram provides us with an opportunity to compassionately look into our shadow…to hold up a mirror to those behaviors that we can change. 

In today’s episode, Mark Scandrette joins Ian and shares some simple steps you can start using today to help you begin to move from unconscious to conscious living.  This episode was so full of great insights that we split it into two parts to help you really absorb the content. 

Mark Scandrette has written five books on practical spirituality that seek to apply spiritual wisdom to everyday life: FREE, Practicing The Way of Jesus, Soul Graffiti, Belonging and Becoming (Co-authored with Lisa Scandrette) and The Ninefold Path Notebook (with Danielle Welch). He regularly teaches and offers workshops and training events based on themes from these books. Before each book is published he usually spends several years piloting the concepts and processes explored with groups in multiple contexts.  He is currently working on a 6th book on self-awareness, personality and transformation.

He also speaks nationally and internationally at universities, conferences and churches and offers training to leaders and organizations through workshops, retreats and group intensives. Mark teaches a doctoral course on spiritual formation at Fuller Theological seminary and has taught courses at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and Church Divinity School of the Pacific. Wherever Mark travels he speaks with the goal of awakening imagination and inviting audiences to take new steps into life and wholeness.  

For more about Mark, visit