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Jun 10, 2021

“Mental health is health. We all have it. We can ignore it. We can mistreat it. We can take care of it. No matter what though, we can't deny that it exists.” This was Ryan Casey Waller’s response when I asked about his new book, “Depression, Anxiety, and Other Things We Don’t Want to Talk About.” This opened the door to a great, shame-free discussion about mental health and overcoming the stigma that often goes along with it.  

Ryan Casey Waller is a psychotherapist, pastor, lawyer, and, according to his book, a co-sufferer.  In this episode we explore the:

  • Experience that triggered his own journey towards healing
  • Importance of mental health and seeking help when it is needed
  • How he’s using the self-knowledge gained from the Enneagram to manage his own mental health.

My hope is that this episode will highlight how complex each of us is, how our needs and desires differ, and why it’s important to avail ourselves of the multitude of resources available for healing.