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Dec 6, 2018

Not only is the Enneagram a great tool for gaining self-knowledge, but it is also a gateway for building strong relationships. When you understand that your way of seeing the world is not the only way to see the world, it creates room for compassion and appreciation toward others. The Enneagram teaches us how to communicate, and in turn, strengthens our relationships with family, friends, and co-workers.

This week I invited husband and wife, David Dark (Enneagram 9) and Sarah Masen (Enneagram 6) to join me in a conversation about how the Enneagram has helped them identify the similarities and differences in their personalities and how that knowledge has shaped their marriage. 

With Enneagram Nines “optimistic to the point of denial” and Enneagram Sixes “realistic to the point of oblivion,” Dark and Masen demonstrate how they try to live in a balanced way that fosters a supportive and secure relationship where they both feel valued.


ABOUT DAVID:         

David Dark is the author of Life's Too Short To Pretend You're Not Religious, The Sacredness of Questioning Everything, Everyday Apocalypse: The Sacred Revealed in Radiohead, The Simpsons, and Other Pop Culture Icons and The Gospel According To America: A Meditation on a God-blessed, Christ-haunted Idea. His work has appeared in MTV News, Books & Culture, Pitchfork, and the Oxford American.

Following years of teaching high school English, he received his doctorate in 2011 and now teaches at the Tennessee Prison for Women and Belmont University where he is assistant professor of Religion and the Arts in the College of Theology.


ABOUT SARAH:        

Sarah Masen is an American singer-songwriter originally from the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. For several years she has lived in Nashville, TN with her husband, author David Dark, and their three children.  Originally signed to Charlie Peacock’s “re:think” label, and subsequently to Word Records, she is now independent.

Sarah's music has been described as pop alternative and is written from a background featuring influences as varied as Rich Mullins, Keith Green, 10,000 Maniacs, Over The Rhine, Victoria Williams and Julie Miller. Sarah's live performance has elements of the innocent approach of the last two artists, although most of her music comes from more of an intellectual background, discussing life, relationships and faith, in stark contrast with the angst-driven, dark and cynical approach you can find in a lot of the alternative music today.