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Jun 21, 2018

As Richard Rohr says, Ones are childlike and full of joy and wonder at the world and creation.  But for Ones, that sense of joy has been lost.  Instead, they suppress their own feelings and focus on being good and doing what is right.  They feel a sense of duty and responsibility and may harbor resentment toward others who don’t see things the right way – their way. 

But what would it look like if Ones reclaimed their childlike wonder? When Ones move toward health, they begin to let judgments go and become more at ease with imperfection. They begin to truly quiet that inner critic and turn it into an inner encourager.

Our guest today, Julianne Cusick, shares how her journey towards self-awareness and self-knowledge as an Enneagram One has allowed her to prioritize relationships over perfection and has given her permission to have fun dancing in the kitchen.

Julianne Cusick is a licensed minister and registered psychotherapist whose passion is to fight for the hearts of women silenced by shame and fear related to their husband’s sexual brokenness. Julianne is a 2nd-year graduate student for a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy at Argosy University, Denver. She thrives on personal and professional growth.

A dynamic and engaging communicator, Julianne speaks to Christian organizations, women’s groups, and retreats – all from the voice of hope and her own story of healing and redemption.

She is the mother of a high-schooler and young adult son, and enjoys gardening, reading, and spending time with family and friends.