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Oct 15, 2020

When trying to figure out your Enneagram type it’s important to know all nine types. If you think you know your type and just read up on that type, you may actually do confirmation bias and just automatically assume, “That sounds like me.”  But when you know all 9 types, you can really dig into the underlying motivation of each type to see which one resonates strongest for you.

So, when Ken Coleman joined me a few months ago to discuss finding your dream job and living as an Enneagram Eight, I kept thinking that something didn’t quite fit.  And knowing that Enneagram Threes and Eights often mistype themselves, I encouraged Ken to do some reading.

Today, Ken’s back to share what he learned.

Listen in as we cover:

  • Why 3s and 8s often get mistyped as each other
  • Whether your personality is hard-wired or driven by the environment
  • The importance of knowing your subtype