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Sep 5, 2019

Our guests today are hilarious, smart and up on the Enneagram.  Cohosts of the popular Popcast, Knox McCoy and Jamie Golden join Ian in a conversation about self-awareness, the dynamics of working together as an Enneagram 5 and 7, and how pop culture and personality play into each other.

Knox McCoy loves laughing and making people laugh. Really anything that’s laughter-adjacent, he’s into. He’s also super into the word “swashbuckling” and his dream is to one day use it in a bio. Knox began podcasting in 2011 as a way to talk more about popular culture, and to his extreme surprise, he’s still doing it every week on The Popcast with Knox and Jamie. Knox lives with his wife and three kids in Birmingham, Alabama, where he works as a screenwriter and as the swashbuckling cofounder of The Popcast Media Group.

Knox enjoys movies, football, food, and sleep and prefers them to all be in very close proximity to each other. One time, he saw Common at the airport and talked to him briefly. It was pretty sweet.

Jamie B. Golden has been co-hosting The Popcast with Knox and Jamie since August 2013. It is a nationally ranked, weekly pop culture podcast that’s part deep dive, mostly shallow end. Jamie and Knox also launched their newest podcast, The Bible Binge, in February 2018. Seasons 1, 2, 4, and 4 of The Bible Binge wrapped in the top 3% of all podcasts. Jamie has presented at TEDx, Mom 2.0, Dreamcatchers Conference, Southern Social Summit, See Jane Write, Permanency Conference and will be presenting at Alt Summit in March 2019. Jamie makes her home in Birmingham, Alabama, where she teaches monthly at Church of the Highlands and advocates for foster and adopted children serving as a volunteer for Heart Gallery Alabama.

Jamie enjoys good movies, even better TV, and Chris Pine represented in both. One time, she was hit by a naked drunk driver on the way home from a Walking Dead party. It was pretty sweet.