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Sep 15, 2022

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Mary Gauthier has experienced abandonment from her mother, put herself in positions where she would inevitably be betrayed, come to terms with the power of her anger, and found herself struggling with addiction and alcoholism. But for Mary, so much of that tumult and life experience came from a sense of internal intensity. “The self-destructive and self-constructive forces inside of me,” she says, “are both very, very strong.” That conflict often can be too much to bear for many. But for Mary, it was songwriting that gave her the space and opportunity to work it all out. 

In the end, those six decades were time enough for her story to be reframed, rewritten, and even redeemed. 

To learn more about Mary, follow her on Instagram, check out her new book, Saved by a Song, or visit her website.