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Aug 15, 2019

Though we can’t manufacture great conversations here on Typology, every now and then we do get to experience something deeply vulnerable and truly magical as we did in this episode with singer/songwriter, Ryan Stevenson.  On this episode, we really tackle the concept of owning your own narrative and challenge whether the interpretations of your own story are in fact true. And if they’re not, the Enneagram can help provide you with some clarity about the story you’re living in right now.

So, tune in as we celebrate the end of Season 2 with a replay of one of our favorite episodes. Then stick around through the end for a special treat as we share the new single, “Keep the Faith,” from our very own, Anthony Skinner’s new EP dropping today. For more information about Anthony and his latest projects, you can check out his website or find him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  To get your copy of his new single, just click here.