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Jan 27, 2022

Each Enneagram Type occupies a story about who they are and how they think the world works.  The Enneagram Nine’s story is built around the mistaken belief that they’re not really as important as other people, or sometimes it’s just that other people just seem to have more energy and investment in their own opinions, preferences, desires, and viewpoints than Nines do.  Coupled with their desire to preserve connections with other people and preserve inner and outer peace, Nines adopt a strategy of avoiding conflict and merging with others.  The risk of this story is that they can become self-less…without a self.  

The healing journey for the Peacemaker is to decouple themselves from that story to rewrite a new one. So, today, one of my favorite singer-songwriters on the planet and long-time student of the Enneagram, Andy Gullahorn joins me in the studio for a conversation about how the Enneagram has helped guide his healing and growth. 

In this episode we talk about:

  • Character defects or defenses
  • Doing Enneagram work in community
  • Finding a different relationship with anger, and
  • Learning to feel things and form opinions in real-time

He also shares a special Enneagram song during the interview.  You’re going to love it!